There Should Be No More Presidential Term Limits

The Constitution is Sacred. Without it, America would be nothing more than a land of degenerate primates without law and order. But parts of it are dated, merely designed for their context. In other words, a sign of the times.

For instance, the two-term Presidential limit was created with the average human life expectancy at the time. Though men lived longer than women, as one might expect, by the time they became President, even living through two terms was a long shot.

We all already know that Trump has to win in 2020. But what if we eradicated the very regulations that would keep him from 2024? 2028? 2036?

Trump posted a tweet suggesting this very notion–and I couldn’t be more excited.

Think about it: with the economy doing better than ever before, ISIS on the run, and our illegal immigrant problem plummeting faster than a Tesla can run a red light, the idea of 8, 12, even 20 more years of this would be a dream come true.

Obviously, I’m putting the cart before the horse here. We still have to fight and get Trump his second term before we think beyond that. But a man, nay, an American can dream.

Biden: ‘We Could Run Mickey Mouse Against This President and Have a Shot’

Former Vice President Joe Biden literally just said this.

On MSNBC’s program Morning Joe, Biden said that Trump would lose to any candidate and is not worried about his own candidacy (that is clearly failing at this point).

When Biden said that, everyone on the stage laughed.

But who will be laughing soon, when Trump beats them all in a landslide?

40,000 Strong Show Up To Trump’s New Hampshire Rally

Big news: Trump did it.

He all but won the New Hampshire primary as well as held a rally where he expected to outpace all of the Democrats numbers in the next 24 hours.

Right now, Bernie Sanders is in the lead in New Hampshire, something that is likely to shift very soon with Buttigieg hot on his tail.

Additionally, the numbers aren’t looking so great as far as turnout goes. Trump’s rally is expected to have more people there than who will come out for the entirety of the primary for the Democrats.

That is absolutely wild.

It was a great speech too. Trump was giving his listeners a lesson in humility and what it means to be a leader.

He told everyone that just because he got impeached doesn’t mean he was guilty. He additionally pointed out that Obama should have been impeached too.

Well we agree there.

Things are definitely looking up for Trump and the Republicans. And, well, things are definitely looking down for The Dirty Dems.

Shia LaBeouf LAUGHS At Down Syndrome Costar At Oscars

In what should have been a positive experience for children with Down Syndrome everywhere, Shia LaBeouf, continuing a disastrous streak of publicity stunts and a string of wacky antics that have become endemic of him in the last decade or so, openly mocked and laughed at actor Zach Gottensagen, who openly has Down Syndrome.

At the Oscars, Labeouf and Zach presented an award and opened the envelope. Though it initially appeared as though Shia was giving the kid a break as he struggles to pronounce several simple vowels and consonants, to no one’s surprise, Shia turned his head to the right, giving an expression of “oh, this again?” and chuckling at the plight of the poor guy. He then butt in to reveal the winning movie, undoubtedly operating on the assumption that the youngster would have kept the crowd waiting for at least thirty more seconds.

I for one, am completely unsurprised. Though LaBeouf has been known for such shenanigans as drunkenly spouting vulgarities and going on racial tirades to cops, this might even be a new low for him despite checking into rehab as recently as 2017.

I personally think that Shia should have quit acting altogether years ago. Though I appreciated his work in Even Stevens, his acting career seemed to have “jumped the shark” exponentially immediately following, perhaps save for the movie Holes.

On another note, it seems as thought Shia has not exactly grown into the “Hollywood Heartthrob” many of us, my two daughters included, expected him to (my two daughters, are now in their 20s and respectively hold very respectable careers in Marketing and Human Resources). He honestly looks in poor health and is that a bald spot I see?

In any case, I am ashamed of Shia’s behavior and I think many other Americans are with me on this.

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Trump Reinstates Muslim Ban Keeping Terrorists Out

On Feb. 7th 2019, Trump reinstated his travel ban on Muslims abroad from coming into the US. His reasoning is simple: to help save American lives from possible terrorists coming and hurting Americans.

Well this is a great idea.

Trump had a travel ban that was shot down a few years ago (by do nothing Democrats) simply because they are weak-willed and un-American. Most of the judicial branch sided with him (even though it is within his constitutional power to limit who comes into the country).

Well this time, Trump is going to win.

This new ban includes a ban on most Muslim countries as well as other hot-bed, high-danger risk countries that may make it more difficult for Americans to live their normal lives.

All Trump thinks about is our safety. He is a small government guy of course. But importantly, he is much more interested in lowering the amount of people that might be killed by terrorist attacks, something he should be worried about because that is his duty.

BREAKING: Petition to Impeach Nancy Pelosi Reaches 1 Million Signatures

The do nothing, Dirty Dems are at it again, but this time, we are going to fight back.

Nancy Pelosi, during the State of the Union this week, ripped up our President’s speech in an act of defiance.

Well guess what? That is illegal under the constitution.

Pelosi has not been doing her job. Instead, she has been whining and moaning about how DJT is getting stuff done for the American people. So Trump called her out on it.

What was her response? To rip up his speech.

The speech included glowing reactions to soldiers, young children and women who have been released from jail under Trump’s administration. This is cruel of her to do.

Does she not celebrate freedom and justice? I guess not.

Or is she so blinded by her hatred of Trump that she is willing to forgo things she DOES believe in simply to land a blow to him?

Well either, people took notice.

And that notice came in the form of a petition to get her impeached.

If you want to sign the petition, do so here:

Trump Bans Late-Term Abortions: “Every Child is A Miracle of God”

We did it.

The absolute most important part of why we got Donald Trump elected has finally come: making sure that no more babies are going to be aborted. Or rather, murdered.

The reason is simple: babies are a sacred part of life. They are God’s little angels.

And killing them is wrong.

Trump has spent his entire presidency making sure that we are going to stop this travesty against the world and US citizens. He first did this by putting in two new Supreme Court justices to overturn Roe v. Wade. Now he is focusing his efforts onto challenging those laws with new laws.

The new laws make it illegal for anyone to get an abortion after 6 months. This is great news because babies have a heart beat after 6 weeks. But this isn’t the end. The goal is to outlaw all abortions and we need to start somewhere.

By making it illegal, Trump is only doing what we put him office to do: to help fix America of it’s moral problems. Isn’t it funny that such an immoral man in his personal life is the moral compass of our country? Truly demonstrates not to judge a book by its cover and to let the best and most talented person do the job.

BREAKING: Hunter Biden Under Federal Investigation

Well that was fast.

It looks like Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, is on the hook for millions of dollars and a possible federal investigation.

Why? Because he was illegally working with a Chinese company to cover Ukrainian business dealings.

Hunter Biden had no business having a career like he did. He has no skills. No education. All that he has is a famous father who got him a job helping a foreign government.

And why? Because he’s scum. Truly scum.

Still, the DOJ and the Republican held Senate are doing the right thing: they are investigating Hunter Biden for all of the illegal business dealings he has been committing.

Finally we may have a light at the end of this impeachment trial: Hunter and Joe going to jail. Maybe they will end up in a chain gang chained together for the rest of their days!

This story will be updated as we know more information.

‘Sesame Street’ To Feature Cross-Dressing Transgender Entertainer For Impressionable Preschoolers

The well known TV program “Sesame Street” will before long element Billy Porter, a cross-dressing gay performer. As indicated by the Huffington Post. “Billy Porter cleaned off his now-famous velvet tuxedo dress for an imminent appearance on ‘Sesame Street.'”

Indeed, that fun and frequently instructive kids’ TV arrangement that showed you the letters of the letter set decades back is presently getting ready to show your children or grandchildren that men dressing like ladies and having personal connections with other men is as typical as learning the letters in order — and how to shape those letters in order letters into genuine words, similar to gay and transgender.

“Youngsters are wipes. They absorb all that they are presented to. For example, if a youngster is presented from birth to three unique dialects, he will get familiar with each of the three in what gives off an impression of being an easy style,” says the American College of Pediatricians.

Small kids learn through impersonation. As indicated by Parents magazine, “By 15 months, most little children have built up the engine and subjective aptitudes important to complete the activity to be imitated. Kids this age are generally versatile and have some dexterity. What drives little child impersonation? To a limited extent, it’s the moment association that mimicry makes among parent and kid.”

Youngsters copy more than their folks. Watching a cross-dressing gay man interface with their preferred TV characters makes certain to influence naive youthful personalities.

Almost certainly the makers and scholars of “Sesame Street” are very much aware that, as detailed by the Center on Media and Child Health, “In small kids, TV can contrarily affect an assortment of official capacities. In more established youngsters and adolescents, fierce media can prompt less fortunate outcomes on official working tests.” Television programs are powerful; that is certainly. What is available to contention is whether a program’s impact is certain or negative.

“Sesame Street” was intended to show small kids positive messages in an engaging manner. The “Sesame Street” team has constantly referred to the influential capability of TV as an educating instrument.

As Maureen Healy, a creator who represents considerable authority in kids’ passionate wellbeing, stated: “Youngsters up to the age of eight are the most naive… Up to this point, they can’t recognize what is seen on TV or in computer games from the real world. They regularly mimic what they see, accepting that beasts are genuine and individuals can have super powers. To guarantee that youngsters have positive encounters and get familiar with the distinction between a game or appear and what occurs, all things considered, guardians must focus on what children are seeing.”

The proof is convincing: TV programs have colossal capacity to impact and even teach little youngsters’ psyches. All in all, if a monstrously famous youngsters’ TV arrangement like “Sesame Street” utilizes its instructing stage to show its young watchers that homosexuality and transgenderism are ordinary and sound, is it coming clean? Is it helping or hurting those receptive youthful personalities?

Ongoing surveys show that a critical lion’s share of Americans (63 percent in a Pew Survey) say they favor of gay connections. U.S. culture is progressively and now lion’s share attesting for LGBT individuals. However LGBT individuals despite everything battle with mental and physical wellbeing contrasted with hetero peers.

“[F]ew gay connections last longer than two years, with numerous men detailing many lifetime accomplices,” as indicated by an exploration audit by worldwide researchers. Monogamous marriage decreases the danger of coronary failure. Submitted accomplices become less touchy to torment. Individuals in long haul monogamous connections additionally will in general live more.

As per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Studies have indicated that, when contrasted and the all inclusive community, gay and promiscuous men, lesbian, and transgender people are bound to: Use liquor and medications, Have higher paces of substance misuse, Not retain from liquor and medication use, and Continue overwhelming drinking into later life.”

In the interim, 65 percent of Hispanics age 18 to 29 said they have encountered segregation. However substance maltreatment among this companion isn’t higher than the national normal. For whatever length of time that it stays conceivable that gay and transgender conduct may in itself cause LGBT individuals’ higher wellbeing dangers, alert ought to be the apothegm in regards to messages—including from famous TV appears—to susceptible youngsters.

Further, paying little heed to the potential impacts of LGBT recognizable proof, sex and sexuality is basically not a fitting theme for little youngsters, who are not even close to pubescence. Sex is a grown-up point, period.

Healy expresses, “To guarantee that kids have positive encounters and gain proficiency with the contrast between a game or appear and what occurs, all things considered, guardians must focus on what children are seeing.” Unfortunately, numerous guardians—maybe most—accept “Sesame Street” is a sheltered youngsters’ TV program and may not want to focus on what the program is showing their kids.

That is the reason LifeSite News has started an appeal to request that the makers of “Sesame Street” drop the “Drag Queen” scene. It would be ideal if you go sign this request—and focus on the projects that impact your youngsters.

Denise Shick is creator of “My Daddy’s Secret,” “When Hope Seems Lost,” and “Understanding Gender Confusion.” She serves on the scholarly chamber of the International Children’s Rights Institute and coordinates Help 4 Families Ministry.

New gas station employee allegedly steals $17,000 on very first day of work

The episode occurred in late January at the Go On Gas station in Hamden, Connecticut, when the executives contracted another medium-term worker to run the station without anyone else, as per an announcement from the Hamden Police Department.


In any case, when the storekeeper used an application on his telephone to see the store cameras and to monitor how his new representative was doing, he was stunned to find that his fresh out of the plastic new worker was no place to be seen.

“[The owner] immediately found out that the new representative had left,” said the Hamden Police Department in their announcement. “The storekeeper quickly reacted to the store and discovered that the new representative had taken various things including lottery tickets, 89 boxes of cigarettes and cash.”

Progressively: Off-obligation cop being driven by inebriated lady kicks the bucket in interstate accident

The absolute misfortune is esteemed at $17,183.00, as indicated by Hamden police.


To exacerbate the situation, the suspect likewise figured out how to take his work organizer with the entirety of his own data in it – implying that the storekeeper not just has no real way to distinguish the man, yet additionally doesn’t have a clue about the name of his previous worker.

“Cautious whom you hire!!,” said the Hamden Police Department in a post on Facebook when sharing data about the case.

The suspect is still everywhere and anyone with data on the suspect is approached to contact the Hamden Police Patrol Division.