Nancy Pelosi To Be Tried for TREASON

Well, they tried.
After months of an impeachment “witch hunt” threatening to take President Trump out of office on false, unconstitutional pretenses time and time again, it appears that the ostensible ringleader, Nancy Pelosi, is finally getting what she deserves.

The writing has been on the wall for decades now, and finally it appears that we’re on the right side of history as Lyin’ Stinky Pelosi is to be appearing before the Supreme Court herself after failing to bring down Donald J. Trump’s legacy herself.

Clearly, the ongoing impeachment proceeding have been what can only be described as a “kangaroo court.” Fortunately, Pelosi won’t be so fortunate.

With Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to lead the charge against Pelosi, early analyses from Political Analysts at Harvard, Princeton, and Yale have speculated fines of up to $50 million and a minimum prison sentence of 50 years to life. As if Grandma Pelosi will even live that long.

If this isn’t what “Nutty” looks like, I don’t know what does!

I, for one, am shocked this didn’t happen sooner. But like all great things, such as fixing the economy Obama singlehandedly destroyed with ease, these things take time.

This story will be updated as it updates.

Author: Anthony Cesario

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