BREAKING: Democrats Lost The Impeachment

Well that was awkward.

Shifty Schiff tried to start the most unfair witch hunt in American political history. Time and time again, the Swamp rears its ugly head once again.

But this time, the monsters are going BACK into the swamp.

In a landslide victory, the Senate–the final piece in the impeachment puzzle–voted on the matter of President Trump v. Dirty Dems. The final vote, along party lines, ended up at 51-49.

What makes this all the more telling is how the entire impeachment proceedings were no more than a kangaroo court; a completely biased, partisan, and very unfair “check mate” by the Democrats to attempt to impeach with 17 witnesses–all to Trump’s zero.

President Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, had this to say:

“Americans are sick of this absolutely shameless disgrace of a hearing,” said Sekulow. “This is a glorified kangaroo court like in Kenya or Abajahdad. Americans know better than this. They saw right through Shifty Schiff’s disgraceful and deceitful nomenclature.”

I, for one, concur with Sekulow.

It isn’t enough to get President Trump off the hook though. Meanwhile, in America, illegal Mexican immigrants are stomping to the border wall with power tools of mass destruction, tearing boards away from the wall to sneak in contraband guns, marijuana, Juul pods, and teenage prostitutes.

Our goal? A simple one. To get President Trump reelected in 2020. Go Trump!

The good news is, the Americans have spoken and it looks like Trump will win in a landslide based on all polls, unbiased and biased alike!

According to the newest Emerson poll, Trump is going to win in a landslide. The newest poll has Trump up 25 points against any Democrat challenger. He is expected to get 74% of the vote. Amazing!

The Democrats think that they’ve got us cornered. They view this all as nothing more than a game of chess.

But I got news for you.

Well, check mate.

Author: Walter Jameson

Walter Jameson is the author of several books, including American Desperados: The Complicated History of Immigration in the United States. He is a former speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan and a current senior editor at The Daily Chronicle.

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