BREAKING: Trump Awards Rush Limbaugh Presidential Medal of Freedom

During his Third State of the Union, President Trump shocked audiences around the world by awarding Rush Limbaugh, who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, a long overdue Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The Medal of Freedom is perhaps the most coveted of all Presidential Honors bestowed upon anyone in all of American history, and Rush joins the ranks of such distinguished company as Mother Teresa and Aretha Franklin.

I always loved Rush Limbaugh.

A true American dedicated to the unbiased and unvarnished truth, Rush Limbaugh is a maverick and nothing short of impressive. In fact, he may be one of the most impressive people of all time. And now his legacy is further sealed in history, and his legacy after his death will surely live on even more deeply ingrained in the fabric of American heroes.

A hero unlike no other.

Obama, eat your heart out.

Author: Rory Crisco

The Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Chronicle, Rory Crisco

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