New gas station employee allegedly steals $17,000 on very first day of work

The episode occurred in late January at the Go On Gas station in Hamden, Connecticut, when the executives contracted another medium-term worker to run the station without anyone else, as per an announcement from the Hamden Police Department.


In any case, when the storekeeper used an application on his telephone to see the store cameras and to monitor how his new representative was doing, he was stunned to find that his fresh out of the plastic new worker was no place to be seen.

“[The owner] immediately found out that the new representative had left,” said the Hamden Police Department in their announcement. “The storekeeper quickly reacted to the store and discovered that the new representative had taken various things including lottery tickets, 89 boxes of cigarettes and cash.”

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The absolute misfortune is esteemed at $17,183.00, as indicated by Hamden police.


To exacerbate the situation, the suspect likewise figured out how to take his work organizer with the entirety of his own data in it – implying that the storekeeper not just has no real way to distinguish the man, yet additionally doesn’t have a clue about the name of his previous worker.

“Cautious whom you hire!!,” said the Hamden Police Department in a post on Facebook when sharing data about the case.

The suspect is still everywhere and anyone with data on the suspect is approached to contact the Hamden Police Patrol Division.

Author: Tom Florer

A veteran of TMZ and The National Enquirer, Tom Florer now resides in Sandy Spring, Maryland, where he lives just a hop, skip and jump away from Washington D.C. and happily writes for The Daily Chronicle. Bewildered by all of the fake news of the Mainstream Media during the election cycle, Tom just knew he had to make a stand. In response to MSM today, Tom has this to say: "little by little, the People are going to see what's really going on. Until that day comes, it is my duty to join the ranks of the Real News organizations to make sure that happens.

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