BREAKING: Petition to Impeach Nancy Pelosi Reaches 1 Million Signatures

The do nothing, Dirty Dems are at it again, but this time, we are going to fight back.

Nancy Pelosi, during the State of the Union this week, ripped up our President’s speech in an act of defiance.

Well guess what? That is illegal under the constitution.

Pelosi has not been doing her job. Instead, she has been whining and moaning about how DJT is getting stuff done for the American people. So Trump called her out on it.

What was her response? To rip up his speech.

The speech included glowing reactions to soldiers, young children and women who have been released from jail under Trump’s administration. This is cruel of her to do.

Does she not celebrate freedom and justice? I guess not.

Or is she so blinded by her hatred of Trump that she is willing to forgo things she DOES believe in simply to land a blow to him?

Well either, people took notice.

And that notice came in the form of a petition to get her impeached.

If you want to sign the petition, do so here:

Author: Walter Jameson

Walter Jameson is the author of several books, including American Desperados: The Complicated History of Immigration in the United States. He is a former speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan and a current senior editor at The Daily Chronicle.

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