Trump Reinstates Muslim Ban Keeping Terrorists Out

On Feb. 7th 2019, Trump reinstated his travel ban on Muslims abroad from coming into the US. His reasoning is simple: to help save American lives from possible terrorists coming and hurting Americans.

Well this is a great idea.

Trump had a travel ban that was shot down a few years ago (by do nothing Democrats) simply because they are weak-willed and un-American. Most of the judicial branch sided with him (even though it is within his constitutional power to limit who comes into the country).

Well this time, Trump is going to win.

This new ban includes a ban on most Muslim countries as well as other hot-bed, high-danger risk countries that may make it more difficult for Americans to live their normal lives.

All Trump thinks about is our safety. He is a small government guy of course. But importantly, he is much more interested in lowering the amount of people that might be killed by terrorist attacks, something he should be worried about because that is his duty.

Author: Tom Florer

A veteran of TMZ and The National Enquirer, Tom Florer now resides in Sandy Spring, Maryland, where he lives just a hop, skip and jump away from Washington D.C. and happily writes for The Daily Chronicle. Bewildered by all of the fake news of the Mainstream Media during the election cycle, Tom just knew he had to make a stand. In response to MSM today, Tom has this to say: "little by little, the People are going to see what's really going on. Until that day comes, it is my duty to join the ranks of the Real News organizations to make sure that happens.

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