Shia LaBeouf LAUGHS At Down Syndrome Costar At Oscars

In what should have been a positive experience for children with Down Syndrome everywhere, Shia LaBeouf, continuing a disastrous streak of publicity stunts and a string of wacky antics that have become endemic of him in the last decade or so, openly mocked and laughed at actor Zach Gottensagen, who openly has Down Syndrome.

At the Oscars, Labeouf and Zach presented an award and opened the envelope. Though it initially appeared as though Shia was giving the kid a break as he struggles to pronounce several simple vowels and consonants, to no one’s surprise, Shia turned his head to the right, giving an expression of “oh, this again?” and chuckling at the plight of the poor guy. He then butt in to reveal the winning movie, undoubtedly operating on the assumption that the youngster would have kept the crowd waiting for at least thirty more seconds.

I for one, am completely unsurprised. Though LaBeouf has been known for such shenanigans as drunkenly spouting vulgarities and going on racial tirades to cops, this might even be a new low for him despite checking into rehab as recently as 2017.

I personally think that Shia should have quit acting altogether years ago. Though I appreciated his work in Even Stevens, his acting career seemed to have “jumped the shark” exponentially immediately following, perhaps save for the movie Holes.

On another note, it seems as thought Shia has not exactly grown into the “Hollywood Heartthrob” many of us, my two daughters included, expected him to (my two daughters, are now in their 20s and respectively hold very respectable careers in Marketing and Human Resources). He honestly looks in poor health and is that a bald spot I see?

In any case, I am ashamed of Shia’s behavior and I think many other Americans are with me on this.

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