There Should Be No More Presidential Term Limits

The Constitution is Sacred. Without it, America would be nothing more than a land of degenerate primates without law and order. But parts of it are dated, merely designed for their context. In other words, a sign of the times.

For instance, the two-term Presidential limit was created with the average human life expectancy at the time. Though men lived longer than women, as one might expect, by the time they became President, even living through two terms was a long shot.

We all already know that Trump has to win in 2020. But what if we eradicated the very regulations that would keep him from 2024? 2028? 2036?

Trump posted a tweet suggesting this very notion–and I couldn’t be more excited.

Think about it: with the economy doing better than ever before, ISIS on the run, and our illegal immigrant problem plummeting faster than a Tesla can run a red light, the idea of 8, 12, even 20 more years of this would be a dream come true.

Obviously, I’m putting the cart before the horse here. We still have to fight and get Trump his second term before we think beyond that. But a man, nay, an American can dream.

Author: Rory Crisco

The Editor-In-Chief of The Daily Chronicle, Rory Crisco

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